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Buy Youtube Views, Likes, comments and Subscribers.

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Buy Soundcloud Plays, Downloads, Followers, Likes.

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Buy Tiktok Video Views, Followers, Likes and Comments.

Why choose


Add genuine followers

Instantviews promise you and your business a good increase in subscribers and establish your brand. We do use genuine accounts for publishing your brand and business. Instantviews drive your business as per your needs.

Instant fame

If your Instagram post gets more likes, then it will help to grow your profile. People will look at your posts or videos which will let you gain immense popularity. If your post holds multiple genuine likes, then the audience gets attracted to it.


You can reach those people who have the potential to be prospects for your business. Invest very less money for marketing but reach millions of customers in one go.

What is

Social Media Marketing?

Social Media has now emerged as part and parcel of people’s life. Social media like Facebook and Instagram that started as a platform for the people to share their photos has now become a vital place to attract customers, increase subscribers thereby increasing their business. It is not as easy as it sounds and that is the exact reason why Instantviews are here. We are here to serve you better in your industry, help you publish your brand, incline the sales graph and much more.

Social media marketing is a new type of marketing that focuses on marketing through Social Media platforms. Alike other marketing strategies, Instant views use Social Media analytics, Social media management to ensure your business publicity. We provide various services for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Soundcloud. If you had thought about social media as an only picture sharing platform, think twice. At this point where the internet rules the world, it can make one business popular, not only in your area but also worldwide.

Why do I need to buy

Social Media packages?

Timely reach

‘If you content the business properly and publicize in the right manner, you will become popular instantly’ is a myth. The attribute speed is vital in any business and you will lose track if you do not revolve with the speed of the internet. Social media packages are very cheap in terms of cost. We are not saying don’t try on your own but instead with the aid of Social media packages, the reach to end customers is timely and profitable.

Target Audience

Subscribing social media packages helps the business in many ways. Consider you are running a business where customer’s feedback is as essential as your product. All manual efforts can be reduced; you receive feedback easily. All you need is one account and a huge fan following base. The knowledge on how social media works and how to reach your end customers is vital and the first preference is social media packages.

Famous in a day

Having a huge fan following as a base will help in every way possible to grow your business. Envisage if one day you get up and see that you have a million followers on Instagram, your business has reached good heights. The happiness that you feel now is what we want to deliver to you when you come to us. You can buy Facebook followers and buy Facebook likes both from us in a single go.

Key Features

& Benefits.


With the help of Instantviews, you can leave the tension of expanding your business to various customers. You can just concentrate on the post and stories while we work on attracting followers.


Instantviews has spread its wings by providing reliable service to its customers. The customer’s database and other information are kept confidential. Any problem in the process can be informed us immediately as we are available for 24*7 support.

More options one solution

We offer various packages as per various business needs. All you need to do is selecting a package, giving your needs and required credentials. You will notice that followers are increasing instantly. Promoting with the fake accounts or using bot service is never recommended by Instant views.

24/7 Support

Having queries and customer’s worries are taken by our support team. We are available in email, call or chat.

How Social Media is helpful in your business?

There are various different reasons for which one is using Social Media for their personal use. But on the other hand, it is also very much famous in business to promote products and services. Nowadays Business very much depend on Social Media. Online marketers want to get more followers in their profile. The main strategy of big brands to attain fame on Instagram is all about increasing the count of followers. Such business companies know if they are having more followers then their customer base and their trust will increase towards them. The more they trust the more will be the selling of the products and services will be achieved. There are some other reasons as well which have made Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter very useful in the business sector:

  • Their product can be advertised at a global level
  • It is much easy to spread and share the business-related information
  • More interaction with international customers can be done easily
  • It helps to build a good reputation amongst customers, etc

How to grow your Social Media profile?

Using Social Media you can influence your target audience including teens, adults or others for promoting your business. No matter what is your business niche you can get sound results using this method. Moreover, you can grow your profile by getting more likes anytime. Most of the big brands and popular users have used this strategy. This has let them build a brand on which others trust easily because most of the users follow what others trust.

This is a great opportunity as once you get likes easily you will not have to put much effort into getting hundreds of likes for your brand and services. Moreover, your business will get the top position in the results. As a result, you will gain more audience and trust and easily promote the business over this platform.

Social Media let you increase the business grasp all over the world easily. on the other hand, you would have to put more effort which in turn would take more years to reach your goal. Since Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are  highly popular where you will get millions of users in one place, therefore, such services will help you gain an instant connection with your global customers.

Moreover, building a brand’s reputation is what every businessman wants to make. Creating it is not easy and it will take several years even after that some businesses fail to build a trustworthy image among the customers. With more likes, easily more audiences will start coming to your brand and this gives a chance to you to serve them best. As a result, building a reputation is easier than before.

Why Having More Instagram Followers and Likes In Important for Business?

Instagram has become a very popular social media application where millions of users are connected with their friends, family, relatives, etc. It is a tool for communication which can be easily accessed free of cost. You just have to download the application in your operating device like mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc.

This is simply because Instagram is the most loved social media platform which can help you become the star among millions of people. Thus, without any big or small doubts marketer today love to grab this opportunity. People having lesser reach can connect with more people very easily after gaining Instagram followers. Moreover, the main reason for gaining Instagram followers is that you can become famous overnight. For business companies, today digital medium has become the major platform for promotions and adverting of products and services and Instagram is one of the medium which is helping them to do so.

It is a digital medium application thus it requires a good Wi-Fi or internet connection in order to run the app. Moreover, Instagram allows you to share your photos or videos with your followers which make it the most interesting social media application.

The craze for the highest followers is very much trending amongst online groups thus there are many people who look for Free Instagram Followers tools. There are many people on Instagram who don’t have many followers but they want to increase their count of followers. This can be for the business marketing strategy or advertising of products or to get famous on Instagram.

Frequently asked Questions


Can I buy Instagram followers and likes in a single time?

Yes, of course, you can. The packages stated above can solely be chosen by the customers as per their need and their business run. You can choose anyone from the list or all for the drive of business.


What if I need to unsubscribe from the service provided?

You may notify us to stop the service in the future. Then, if there are no overdue payments we will stop our service provided.


Can I use the free services and then subscribe to your paid services?

Welcome to the Social Media world to increase your business world. And yes you can. You can avail of free services and if you like our service you can join our paid services.


Will Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter  block my account for using paid services?

Our website is 100% Safe and Secured. You will not face any issues with using our paid services.


Do you provide services for the Facebook platform?

Yes, we provide services for the following social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can buy Instagram followers, Facebook Likes, YouTube views and many more  from Instant views.


What is meant by the free Instagram service?

We provide free services where in a business can increase their followers, increase likes they receive in and also increase their post views by users of Instagram. In Instant views, we use real accounts to increase your visibility among the customers.We need you to follow three steps to avail of the free services. Please visit the Free services tab to know more about the services provided.

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