Taylor Swift net worth

taylor swift net worth

Taylor Swift net worth

Taylor Swift net worth 560 315 Instantviews

What is Taylor Swift net worth?

Recently, Taylor Swift has broken her silence on politics due to which this famous pop star is in news.

How this country singer turned into a pop star and how she pulls millions of people is worth knowing? She has built her brand and has a huge fan following across the globe.

How did she reach the top and what is her net worth? That’s something is worth knowing for her diehard fans. So, check it out here everything you don’t want to miss about your favorite pop star.

taylor swift

Till 2018, the estimated net worth of this megastar is somewhere around $320 million.

This figure is estimated by the famous Forbes magazine. This is due to the massive number of hits of Taylor Swift that has put her at the top of a net worth of celebrity among Serena Williams or drake and others.

She did this through strategic career moves which give her a huge fortune. Of course, the talent of swift is what made her the megastar. Not only this, she got excellent marketing skills. She got her name listed in America’s richest self-made women in 2018.

How did she build her brand?

Taylor Swift has always used circumstances and turned them into advantages which she perfectly used to build her brand. She is so good at marketing that even Forbes said that she can teach a few things about marketing.

Her first album was debuted in 2006. She turned to pop start after getting full support. By the year 2014, she completely moved in the territory of pop singing.

This megastar, however, was not untouched by controversies. Despite these, she strategically used social media to entertain her fans and build her brand.

The effect of controversies, however, leads her to go dark on Instagram just before the release of her famous album Reputation. She has deleted all her photos from all social media sites wherever she has an account, from facebook, twitter to Instagram.

After the release of her album, she came back to the media flooding with her good marketing skills. This country girl proved that she is truly a master of marketing.

Her songs reflect her thoughts which show how tough she is and her transition to tough post feud from an innocent girl is well seen in her songs.

Her career had many ups and downs but she has successfully built her music empire.

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 The career stages of Taylor Swift

She has built a million dollar empire with popular albums just after the release of her first album. But, how did she reach to the top? Check it out here.

Early career stage

To start her career she moved to Nashville. She had dropped “Tim McGraw” before the release of her first debut album in 2006. In October 2006, she had released her first album which was titled against her name-“Taylor Swift”.

At the innocent age of 15 she signed with Sony and became the first ever youngest artists to do so. In 2008, she released “Love Story” and “fearless”.

taylor swift career

The album “fearless” became very popular and topped the billboard 200 for almost 11 weeks. This made her the longest chart-topper in the category of female country artist.

10 Grammys and several top singles are won by her. In 2018, she signed with UMG i.e. Universal Music Group’s Republic Records.

Some of her top listed Albums

Every album of Taylor Swift is a pop album. She received the huge success from the self-titled album.

It was on the No.19 on the list of billboard 200. Her second album “fearless” was on the No.1 in 2008 in the list of billboard 200. In 2009, she released her bestselling album “speak now” which was also on the top in the billboard 200 and in 2012, her album “Red” was the no.1 hit selling 1.21 million copies and that to be in the first week of the release of “Red”.

In 2014, album”1989” was also added in the list of top albums. This was named after her birth year.

It has broken the records of most sold albums in a week. Her album “blank space” and “bad blood” was on the list of billboard 200 for a full year.

The album “reputation” was a different album for her fans which was released in 2017. 1.2 million Copies of the album were sold after the release of the album in the first week hitting the billboard 200.

She earned enormously from the six-month stadium tour after the release of “reputation”. She earned $10 million for a single show during a tour.


Endorsements have also contributed to the income of Taylor Swift. She is the partner in APPL, coca-cola. Covergirl, L.e.i Jeans, Keds and more.  She is also partner with a target, AT&T, and UPS.

According to Forbes, she earned $44 million and became the highest paid celebrities of the world in 2017.

In 2018, she earned $5 million from record sales, $2.4 million and $2 million from streaming and publishing royalties respectively. This was her earning in which touring revenues were not included.

Taylor Swift is one of the highest earning celebrities and it was estimated that till 30 she could be a billionaire. She has a real estate portfolio of $84 million. She has properties in different states.

Her real estate property

The cheapest property she owns worth $2.5 million is a 5,600 sq foot Greek revival estate. She also owns a property in Nashville worth $3 million.

taylor swift net worth

In L.A, she has a Beverly Hills’ mansion of 10,982 square foot worth $30 million. She also owns an estate in watch hill with seaside views which worth $6.65 million.

The estate is 12,000 square feet long which is sufficient for doing the party with her squad.

She also owns two private jets which she uses for traveling among her real estate properties.

Taylor Swift spends her money smartly and generously. Taylor Swift supports good causes as well. She has donated $ 100,000 on her 24 birthday to the Nashville Symphony.

During the Louisiana floods, she donated $1 million and $500,000 for flood relief in Nashville.

The famous pop star is good at strategic investments and generous spending of money. All her songs and generosity has won the hearts of millions across the globe.

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