Michael Jackson Net Worth


Michael Jackson Net Worth

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What was the Michael Jackson net worth at the time his death?

Today no one is unaware of the most famous singing and dance moves of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was an American songwriter, dancer, and singer. It is renowned as “King of Pop” and the most significant figure of this century.

He was best known for unorthodox lifestyle and private amusement park. He has contributed immensely to dance, music, and fashion. Being a dominant figure in music and dance, he has influenced various genres as well.

A look back to his Life and career

Michael Jackson was the eight kid of Jackson family born in Indiana, Gary, near Chicago on 29th August 1958. His family was an African American family that lived in 2 bedroom house.

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Katherine Esther Jackson, her mother played piano and clarinet. She also worked part-time so as to support family needs. Joseph Walter Jackson, her father is a former boxer.

He played guitar with blue and rhythm band. Michael Jackson has three sisters namely Janet Jackson, La Toya Jackson, and Rebbie Jackson and five brothers namely Marlon, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, Randy.

It is said that Michael Jackson had a troubling and tough relationship with his parents. However, in 1964 he joined in Jackson Band that got formed including Jermaine, Tito, and Jackie.

Later the band named as Jackson 5. This band performs at cocktail lounges and clubs showing various features and won amateur night concert in Harlem. Several songs have been recorded including “Big Boy” signed with Motown.

Michael Jackson sixth album was a great hit in late 1982. Thriller album allowed the Jackson to receive seven Grammys and he became the youngest start to win the award of merit.

It is the best time selling an album with 66 million copies sold.

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Business career

Jackson along with his brothers signed an agreement with PepsiCo for $5 million deal. This campaign ran in 1983-1984 including public relation events, sponsorships, and in-store displays.

Michael Jackson is considered one of the most popular musical artists worldwide with his earning between $50 -$100 million annually.

However, his fans got broke when they heard MJ is dead in 2009. A report showed he spend worth $40 million annually to keep his incurring debts, luxury lifestyle in the process.

Michael Jackson Kids and wife

The king of pop is gifted with three kids from 2 different women. His first child named Price was born on Feb 1997.

His second kid was a daughter named Paris and she was born in April 1998. This marriage could stand long and broke in just three years resulting in freeing of Debbie Rowe.

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Debbie Rowe was a nurse that cures Michael Jackson in his skin maladies. She and Michael had an agreement that has aim at procreation.

She suffered lots of complications during pregnancy with Paris. Later she filed divorce and took custody of his children.

Later the Michael Jackson got married to Lisa Marie Presley and within two years of marriage, the marriage got ended.

Skin/plastic surgery

MJ was suffering from chronic skin bleacher. He faced intense criticisms as well as mockery from the audience which allowed him to opt for bleaching so as to look like a white man.

However, botching attempt to make MJ depended on surgery so as to accomplish the desired result. It is also said that he wears a nose prosthetics in order to cover up all the botches.

How much world famous pop star has made?

Michael Jackson was the leading singer after the emergence of “Jackson 5”. The career got a break with album “Ben” that topped Billboard Hot 100.

Music catalog is the most valuable asset of Michael Jackson. His copyright songs are estimated to have worth $100 million. However, most of the earning got to build through artists songs particularly from “The Beatles”.

Michael Jackson sold around 90 million units on behalf of his albums in the US. In 2009, he also sold $24 million outside the United States. So, the total sales mounted are $383 million.


It had made around $500 million. The movie got recorded with the assistance of Michael Jackson lawyers in last year of Jackson life.

Know how much pop star earned after his death

Jackson famous home- the Neverland ranch is rechristened sycamore ranch and rebranded in Santa Barbara country.

The property is spread over 2700 acre and has got magical features like tennis courts, boasting in a pool, waterfall, barn, “Disney style”.

Originally neverland ranch was golf resort that later turned into Jackson home and private amusement park.

In 2017 the Neverland ranch got devalued in the market thus recording a significant decrease from $100M to $67M.

MJ lived in a place called Bahrain in between 2006-2008after child molestation acquisition.

He paid $8 million for a mansion. he lived in Beverly Hills Home at the duration of his death where he faced unconsciousness.

From 2007 to 2009, Michael Jackson along with his children lived in a rented mega mansion known as thriller villa.

It is an estate that stands in the area of 16,122 sq ft with 7 bedrooms as well as 12 bathrooms.

It also features foot basement and bell tower that later got transformed into a private art gallery, seating lounge, master bedroom, and fully stocked bar.

The villa is a pure reflection of the extravagant lifestyle of Michael Jackson in 2016 whopping $9.5 million.

Awards and achievements

Michael Jackson has collected dozens of awards and achievements.

These include 28 American music award, 39 Guinness world records, 6 Brit awards, 20 Grammy awards, 16 world music awards.

Michael Jackson name is inducted on vocal group hall of fame, walk of the frame, songwriters hall of fame, roll and rock hall of fame, hit parade hall of fame, dance hall of fame, and other too.

Michael Jackson is known to be the world high profile singer/dancer you have ever seen.

Probably he had a net worth in billions. He has contributed both immensely to dance and music and popularly known as popular culture artists. The king of pop has earned $75 M in 2017 thus topped fifth consecutive list.

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