Jennifer Aniston Net worth


Jennifer Aniston Net worth

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Jennifer Aniston Net worth- How she makes money?

With the breakthrough role in “friends”, Jennifer Aniston is making waves in Hollywood. She is stealing the hearts of her fans since 1994 from the role as Rachel Green.

Jennifer Aniston is a stunning movie star who is earning millions of net worth and ranked in Forbes list of America’s richest female entertainers in the year 2017.

She joined famous artists likes Oprah Winfrey and Madonna in the list. In 2018, she is listed as the 3rd highest paid actress with net worth of $20 million alone from acting.

Her estimated net worth is $200 million according to Forbes and $240 million as per report of celebrity net worth.

Here is how she built up millions over the years

She began her career with the series “friends” which is very popular among viewers.

jennfer aniston

It is reported that each star of the “friends” earned $1.25 million for every episode. This is highly unmatched by any of the popular TV casts.

This figure is still unmatched by the TV actors even today. Even in 2018, the show “friends” is the most popular show.

According to various reports, she is going to pick up $1.1 million from her upcoming series where she would be working with Reese Witherspoon.

She will also be as an executive producer of the show. The show is set to come in 2019.

Jennifer Aniston has also appeared in the movies. Throughout her career, she has done dozens of movies. She has performed both smaller parts and starring roles in the movies.

She was also seen in the “dumplin” which is a Netflix movie in which she was also an executive producer.

However, not every film she did was hit but they made bank at the box office. Movies like “we are the Millers”, “the bounty hunter”, “just go with it” made millions in the global box office.

She earned $136 million from “the bounty hunter”. She earned $270 million from “we are the Millers”. From “just go with it”, she earned $124 million.

She earned $8 million in “Marley & me”. According to Forbes, she returns $10.60 for every dollar she is paid.

Her story from behind the scenes

She also has a production company apart from working in TV shows and movies. Her production company named as “echo films” was started in 2008.

Kristin Hahn is her production partner in Echo Films. Before starting her production company she was working for Plan B Entertainment. She worked with Brad Grey and her ex-husband Brad Pitt in Plan B.

Movies such as “cake”, “the switch” and “dumplin” was the production of Echo films. Several TV shows were also produced by her production company.

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Jennifer Endorsements details

Through her endorsements, Jennifer Aniston made millions in a year. It is estimated by Forbes that she earns doubles from endorsements.

With the role in “friends”, she has made a bright career in Hollywood. She posed with her co-star Lisa Kudrow from “friends” which is among her early endorsements deals.

Jennifer Aniston also worked in ads for diet coke in her 90s. She has also appeared in European ads where she promoted beauty brands such as Heineken beer and L’Oreal.

Jennifer Aniston is a longtime partner with SmartWater since 2007. She is a celebrity spokesperson in SmartWater.

Apart from movies, TV shows, and ads, she is also partnered with Emirates Airline. She earns around $5 million from this partnership which she signed in 2015. She has also signed a deal with Aveeno which is a skincare brand.

In an eye drop brand Eyelove, she is a spokesperson. Six Elizabeth Arden fragrances were also released by Jennifer Aniston since 2010. She has also signed a deal with a hair care brand in 2012. She earned a lot from Living Proof Inc.

Her personal life and how she started her career in Industry

Child of Nancy Dow and John Aniston, Jennifer Aniston began her career as an actress in 1987 at an early age. Her first role was seen in film Mac and Me in 1987.

She is a well know figure in public since the 1990s. She is one of the highest paid actress and leading actress in Hollywood.

Jenifer Aniston made lots of money from her profession. Her personal life is also interesting like her roles. She was in a relationship with high profile celebrity Brad Pitt.

The couples began dating in 1998. They married in 2000 in July. However, their relationship was not long and they separated in 2005.

By that time, Brad Pitt was in a relationship with the co-star of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He was in a relationship with Angelina Jolie even during his marriage. However, the rumors of the two being together were always denied in media.

Her relationship with Vince

Jennifer Aniston was also in a relationship with the co-star of Break Up, Vince Vaughn.  However, she was also in a relationship with the co-star of The Leftovers actor in 2011.

jennfer aniston personal life

She engaged to Justin Theroux in 2012 and tied knot in 2015. However, in 2018 they had made a joint statement about their separation.

They also said that they are good friends and cherished their friendship and to stop further speculation they are separating.


Jennifer Aniston has donated in charities and appeared in various TV commercials. The Stand Up to Cancer show of 2008 was hosted by her. She helps in raising money for a nonprofit organization of Mexico.

Jennifer Aniston has also received the award on April 2007 for contributing and the understanding of the LGBT community. She has helped much organization in raising funds for a cancer patient.

Philanthropy is important in her life and she has shared its importance in the magazine –InStyle. She believes in doing good work for people who are not in a position to do live a good life. Jennifer Aniston said that these small efforts of her make her heart smile.

Jennifer Aniston was also honored for work by SmartWater in 2016. She has also donated money to various organizations like doctors without borders, partners in health, Red Cross, and AmeriCares. She has also helped the victims of Irma, Maria and Harvey hurricanes.

With her good work and better acting skills, she continues to win the hearts of her fans.

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