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How Instagram Quote Makers Help Your Brand To Grow

Pictures often stir the most profound feelings in our hearts.

These pictures don’t have to have grave content; they could be of anything—a great abyss, a tiny dew drop hanging from the edge of a leaf, a ragged doll, a gushing river bustling with life, or an old piece of refurbished furniture.

Some pictures make us think of a song, while others might bring to mind a quote.

Imagine what a powerful message your brand can send to Instagram followers if you upload images featuring compelling quotes.

How can quote-posts help businesses to grow?

Instagram sucks people in with its visual appeal. Instagram downloaders who frequent the app multiple times a day do not sit and read all captions that accompany the posts that come up in their feeds.

They keep scrolling unless they find something worth paying a little more attention to.

With such a fickle audience, the only way to increase brand engagement is to put a quote on the posts you upload.

This way, you greatly increase the chances of people actually reading your brand’s message.

  • Let’s face it. Writing captions for Instagram posts can be quite challenging as all of us are not wordsmiths. Using quotes within posts to get across an idea lightens the pressure to come up with a great caption.
  • Book cafes are now in vogue. If you are the owner of one and you use Instagram to promote your business, posting quotes from books might be a very good business strategy. Instagram has a huge community of book lovers, and if you post images with compelling quotes, you might start getting a lot of visitors to that book café of yours.

The quotes you put in your images do not have to be by famous people.

All they need to have is the quality to make someone stop and take notice of your page.

When that happens, your Instagram views will go through the roof, and you might just need to hire somebody who can keep track of your Instagram comments.

3 brilliant quote makers for Instagram that you must try now

Remember that Instagram is famous for the visual treats it offers. So, you cannot paste a quote on an image and consider your work done.

The font must be right. The font color should go with the rest of the image. And, the image should be edited well. Relax.

This just sounds like a lot of work, but it is really not. There are many great tools out there that do all your work for you, so just delegate.

  1. Canva

Available for iOS, Android and as a Web app, Canva is an absolute delight.

You can either upload your own image or choose one from Canva’s vast database to create your quote post. It has over a hundred fonts and a good number of customizable layouts.


Type in your quote, play around with the fonts, tweak the font color and save your work. Download and post it on Instagram, and see those Instagram likes skyrocketing. Canva does not put a watermark on free downloads.

What else can you wish for?

While a lot of Canva images can be used for free, you need to pay as less as $1 to enjoy the app’s premium images. Starting from infographics to the old-fashioned cards, Canva lets you design numerous layouts.

  1. FaceGarage

This is a browser-only tool, but is as great as Canva. To generate a quote post via FaceGarage, one can either choose a color as the backdrop for their post or upload an image of their choice.

Then, the quote can be entered and adjustments can be made to the color, font and text alignment.

FaceGarage also lets one blur the background image so that the quote stands out. Just like Canva, FaceGarage quote-posts can be revised any number of times.

Download it when you are happy with your design, and upload it to Instagram.

  1. Recite This

Also a browser-only app, the best part of Recite This is that it has its own stock of quotes.

If you find yourself absolutely unable to come up with a quote, you can bank on their preexisting quote library.

Other than this, Recite This stands out from the crowd because of the quirky, out-of-the-box templates it offers. Just like the two other apps covered above, this one lets you customize the font, color and alignment of your post.


Recite This puts a pretty visible watermark on the images it generates. If you don’t have a problem with that, this is a brilliant app to create quote-posts.

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A word of caution

With more than a billion followers, Instagram is the platform where you need to focus now to take your brand to the next level. Quote posts are a great way to grab attention without hogging your followers’ precious time.

While choosing a tool from the Internet, please make sure that it is authentic. Tools like the Instagram private viewer that claim to give people access to private profiles do not work and can threaten your cyber safety.

Check if the tool you want to use is recommended by websites of repute. However, some new tools may take time to establish a client base and may not come up in any recommendations. Give them a chance if you find their features suit your needs.