Instagram Notifications not working – How to fix it


Instagram Notifications not working – How to fix it

Instagram Notifications not working – How to fix it 560 315 Instantviews

How to fix Instagram Notifications not working issue in minutes?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites that is used by almost all people in the world.

This application is actually made for sharing your photos and videos from your smartphones like your iPhone device.

Once you have posted a video or photo on your Instagram account, it will automatically appear on your news feed just like other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

This platform is also used by those who are what we called influencers to get more audience from this social media sites.

Some use this application to follow certain celebrities that they love for them to become updated.

For those iPhone or any iOS users, Instagram is one of the top social media sites that they have installed on their devices.

As iPhone or iOS devices have new features when it comes to its camera, people who use Instagram tend to take more pictures and post it on their news feed.

By posting the feed, they are prone to buy more likes, views, and also comments.

We also receive notification on our iOS devices for any new followers, new update on the people we follow, or even if we get messages from other people that are connected to us on Instagram.


However, nowadays, there are some Instagram issues that have been reported by some users of this social media site and the most common issue is that they do not get any notifications on their iOS devices for Instagram.

One possible and the most prominent cause of iOS System upgrade.

We have come up with some solutions that you can do to get notifications again from Instagram on your iOS device.

Quick Fix for Instagram Notification Failure

Solution 1: Restart your Device:

This is the most preferred solution by one and all.

In order to fix any iOS issues hassle free, you can have your device restarted.

For this, just go ahead, then press and hold the power button of your device for a couple of seconds until you see a message on your screen that says “Slide to Power Off“.

Once the message appears on the screen, go ahead and slide the slider from left to right to turn off your device.

After your device is turned off fully, kindly wait for a minute or two and turn it back on again by pressing and holding the power button again and then release it gently once you see the Apple logo on your screen.

One thing to bear in mind is that having your device turned off will stop all the operations running on your device, as many of these are actually made by some software malfunctions.


Hence, if you turn off your device and turn it back on, or even if you do a hard reset on your iPhone device then it also boots up your device normally and it will turn towards a fresh restart.

So be cautious while restarting your device.

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Solution 2: Find out whether Your Device is in Silent Mode:

If you had put your device into silent mode, then there is a great chance that push notifications are not received.

Hence, it is mandatory for you to toggle the switch on the side of your device for you to get out of the Silent Mode, so that you can lay hands on all the notification which are of prime importance.

Solution 3: Updating Your Device:

The release of new software by Apple provokes their users also to update their device.

So, by updating the device, some bugs on the device also gets fixed.

To get a clear picture, just update your device by going to your Settings. Then, go to ‘General’ and then tap on Software Update.

If you find any update available, don’t waste time…just go ahead and tap on ‘Download’ and ‘Install’.

Solution 4: Check If ‘DND (Do Not Disturb) is Enabled:

‘DND’ or Do Not Disturb is actually one of the best features that your device can boast of.

If DND is enabled on your device, unfortunately you will not be able to receive any notifications and calls.

There are instances that this feature is unknowingly enabled on your device which causes you not to receive any notification from your Instagram.

If you happen to see a moon type icon at the top of your screen, then that means that this feature is enabled.

To turn this off, just go to your Settings and then tap on ‘Do Not Disturb’, and then hit the

‘OFF’  button besides it.

Solution 5: Have an Eye on your App Notification:

There is also another way for you to check your App notification.

There are times that notifications for certain apps are in mute (In Instagram especially).

In such a scenario, receiving any notification will be quite difficult.

In order to resolve that, try to go into settings and then choose Notifications.

After this step, you will be  able to see all your Apps that have an indication if the notification is enabled.

So, from here, just go ahead and tap on Instagram App and then turn on “Allow Notification”.

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Solution6: Ensure your Connection:

Remember that you have to be connected to a stable connection for you to be able to get Instagram notifications.

Unless your device is connected to a stable internet connection, you won’t be able to receive any Instagram notification instantly.


Solution 7: Device Restoration

Having your device restored will actually fix any notifications that are not working, especially your Instagram notification.

However, this should be considered as your  last option because restoring your device will reset your device and make it anew.

Performing this act on your device will delete all of your saved data and settings.

However, if there is really a need for you to restore your device then you have to make sure to that all the needed backup prevails for your data.


By utilizing any one of the solution, your problem can be fixed permanently and also in a short span of time successfully.

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