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Instagram Message Recovery

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Instagram Message Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

When Instagram was launched in 2010, it was only a photo-sharing app.

But over the years, a host of new features have been added to it, making it a full-fledged social networking platform.

The Direct feature which was introduced in 2013 has played a crucial role in Instagram’s success.

While people were only allowed to like and comment on posts by other people publicly, Instagram Direct enabled people to send private messages to others.

The private messages can include, text, images, and videos.

The popularity of Instagram Direct is as such that if you’re someone with a lot of followers, your inbox is sure to be bombarded by hundreds of private messages.


This is especially true for brands that use Instagram for marketing, getting more Instagram followers, and offering support to its customers.

To keep things organized, a lot of people prefer deleting old private conversations on a regular basis.

But what will you do if by mistake you end up deleting an important conversation on Instagram?

Apart from “Instagram direct message not working”, “How to recover Instagram messages” is a popular query among Instagram users.

So, is there a way to recover deleted Instagram messages? Fortunately, there are a few solutions.

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Instagram Message Recovery

If you’re searching for ways to recover deleted Instagram messages, there are a few solutions that you could try.

Know that once you’ve deleted a private conversation, there is no feature or option on the Instagram platform to recover the messages.

You’ll mostly have to rely on 3rd party tools or software or the person with whom you’ve had the conversation.

Let us have a look at some of the most popular ways to recover Instagram messages-

  1. Using 3rd Party Online Tools

There are now a few online tools which can be used to recover deleted Instagram messages. One of the most popular is IG Messages Recovery.

This message recovery tool is one of the easiest to use and can help you recover all of your deleted Instagram Direct messages.

As this is an online tool, there is no need for you to download any software or app.

Simply visit and you’ll be asked to enter your Instagram username or profile URL.

Then click on the “Recover Messages” button, complete the human verification, and you’ll be able to see all the deleted direct messages.

While this tool works most of the time, some users have mentioned that it has bugs and the human verification step is complicated.

Nevertheless, you could at least try using it and you might just get lucky, especially if you’ve recently deleted the conversation.

  1. Using 3rd Party Software

If you’re unable to recover the deleted Instagram messages with IG Messages Recovery tool, you can then try a data recovery software.

Three of the most popular ones are

  • Fonelab Data Recovery
  • Bitwar Data Recovery
  • Fucosoft Data Recovery.

All the three software are available for Android as well as iOS devices and can be downloaded to Windows and Mac computer and laptops.

While you can download the trial version of the software for free, you’ll have to pay to unlock all the features.

Apart from deleted messages, the software allows you to recover all the different types of data that you might have deleted from your mobile phone.

After downloading any of the three software, connect your Android or iOS phone to your computer/laptop.

Once connected, scan the device with the help of the on-screen instructions.

After the scan is done, select the data recovery option to start recovering deleted Instagram messages.


  1. Ask for Conversation Screenshot

If none of the above-mentioned tools or software work, the only option left for you is to ask the other person to send you the conversation screenshot.

When you delete direct messages on Instagram, the messages are only deleted from your account.

The person with whom you had the conversation will still continue to have that conversation in their inbox.

So, a simple solution here is to ask the other person to send you a screenshot of the conversation that you’ve deleted.

While this might not always be possible, it is the only option you have if you’re unable to recover the messages through any other tool or software.

Contacting Instagram Support

If you’ve deleted Instagram messages and would like to recover them, know that contacting the support team of Instagram won’t work.

A lot of people have sent similar requests to Instagram support but have never been able to recover the messages.

Instagram will NOT help you in recovering the messages once you’ve deleted them.


Deleting an important Instagram conversation by mistake can surely result in a host of problems.

As a result, it is very important to be as cautious as possible if you have the habit of regularly clearing your Instagram inbox.

And if you’ve already deleted messages which you’d like to view again, try the solutions listed above and one of them might work for you.

If the tools and software fail to help, do not mind asking the other person to send you the screenshot of the conversation.

While there are now several tools and websites that guarantee Instagram message recovery, know that the majority of them do not work.

So, try to be as careful as possible, especially if you are planning to pay for one such tool or software.

Go through their reviews on trusted platforms and only pay for them once you are 100% sure. If you want to do the same for free, the solutions listed in this post can help.

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