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Importance of YouTube for your business

Youtube; the largest platform for video hosting is a popular social media channel with millions of users across the world. It gives access to users to watch their favorite videos anytime or upload videos as well.

This channel has become popular among users due to its various features and ease to watch videos of every genre. Moreover, it gives chance to make money by uploading their customized videos. Therefore, it is popular among businesses as well.

They use this platform to connect to hundreds of users and to achieve popularity among users. This popular platform has become important for every business thus there is a need to buy YouTube comments.

Buy YouTube comments! Yes, now marketers can use this technique to get desire subscribers and comments for their channels. This is a popular method which is used by hundreds of users of YouTube. It gives youtubers to use sufficient time to focus on their videos and spend quality time on making improvements.

This social media channel is now accepted by almost every businessman to promote or showcase their products and services. They pay huge amount to get more likes and comments for their videos. Want to know why they are willing to invest on their YouTube channel, here are the reasons:

  • 9 billion Active users
  • Daily 30 million active users access YouTube
  • 300,000+ active paying subscribers
  • Billions of videos are shared daily

Despite being a useful platform, marketers face difficulty in attracting more subscribers to their channel. Moreover, the insufficient knowledge of marketing also leads to less number of subscribers. More subscribers mean more likes. No, not at all, one should know the mechanism behind getting more comments for their videos.

Nobody can simply make money here by posting their videos and getting comments. One has to truly understand how YouTube analytics work. But, if you don’t want to involve in this complex analytics and want to get the comments and likes instantly then here is a surprising package for you.

Why Buy YouTube

Comments from Instantviews?

Road to fame

Competition is tough on this social media channel and to attract lots of viewers and get your video played, it is good to buy YouTube comments. Moreover, they are available at cheapest prices in our website so anyone who wishes to get popular on YouTube can get a good start to their channel. It is a good strategy for starters as their brand will get recognized within a short span of time. So, buy from good sources so that your brand doesn’t face any objection.

Save Reputation

Consistency is important in market and maintaining a good brand reputation is really tough. The company’s reputation depends highly on the services they provide and the response or feedback from their customers. For this one paramount reason one should buy YouTube comments concerning their reputation. Get the comments and views from Instant views and improve your brand reputation. This is important to get desired results.

It’s a win win deal

Yes it is a win-win deal for your business as the comments are real. They will help you in gaining larger audience. Moreover, they will help you in improving popularity and content that you deliver on your channel. Simply reap the amazing benefits of buying YouTube comments without any hesitation.

Key Features

& Benefits.


Instantviews are a reliable and safe service provider. We are serving the online marketing services for years. Our services are 100% safe and will lead to better results. It will never lead to banning of your account.

Simple to use

Instantviews offer simple plans to buyers. Moreover, the process of delivery is easy and quick. We would ask you for the channel’s URL. Once you give the URL we will start taking care of the channel. We will add comments on your recent work that seems genuine.

Privacy guaranteed

Instantviews have strict privacy guidelines which protect the buyer’s identity. At no point in time, our customer’s privacy should be at risk. The shared information is not disclosed to other subscribers and buyers. We keep our privacy policy up to date and so you can go and read it.

Various plans

Instantviews have many attractive plans to offer you so that you don’t only buy YouTube comments from them but also enjoy other benefits from their services. We know simply buying one kind of service with no added benefits may cost an arm and leg so we offer a number of plans which may benefit you.

Real and Active

Instantviews provide only real comments to your channel. It is not at all fake or overdo. Few companies offer comments via bots and software. These computer-generated comments are not real and thus other subscribers will not get any interest in your videos reading them. Buying YouTube comment from us has the benefit that you get real and active comments which are positive and reflect the real reviews for the uploaded content.

Excellent Support

The back support from our company is provided to the customer. We have valid sources to contact you in case of an emergency. We serve you in case you find the comments to be unreal or inappropriate. Moreover, the query is considered immediately and we response you via email or call. We clearly talk about the plans and services we offer. We do not impose any hidden charges for that.

Why you need YouTube Comments?

Buying YouTube comments is really helpful in attracting more views. Why it is important? Majority of viewer’s first check out the comments and then watch the videos. They analyse others views on videos and they take decision of watching videos. It is seen that videos with less or no reviews often go unwatched or get dislikes. Moreover, also videos with loads of comments don’t get good response. This scenario leads to frustrate youtubers however this situation can be best deal by buying comments for your videos. The comments you get will be interactive and interesting which make the viewers watch your videos.

Pick the best organization to buy YouTube comments

To gain more comments your channel must have more subscribers. More the number of subscribers more will be the comments. It shows that more people appreciate your work and thus they are commenting.

Every subscriber on your channel is a potential customer and their response is of utmost important. Maintaining quality content ensures that these subscribers stick to your channel. Moreover, good quality content also makes sense which is the deciding factor for your popularity and brands on YouTube.

Get High Quality YouTube comments

New ideas and ways to represent your product will lead to better results. However, If you don’t get enough time to think of something new then buy YouTube comments and get results instantly. The best way to do is to pick a genuine and reputed provider for this.

Many fake software or bots give you fake results thus degrading your results and reputation. Therefore, be smart enough to check out the services they offer. Here are few things that you should consider while opting this option.

Frequently asked Questions


Do you provide free comments?

Nothing comes free of cost but there is some cost which you have to pay to get the services. Also, we offer YouTube comments package which is affordable and within your budget and so you can pick any one of it and buy it at suitable rates.


How long will it take to deliver?

You can get the comments added into your account within a short period say 1 hour from the time you had placed an order. Or you will receive it within 12 hours. You can check your account and see if your order is delivered or not.


Will the subscribers come to know about paid comments?

If the comments are over positive or appreciating for less appreciable work then others will come to know about it. Hence, we only make comments which look real and which are not over positive so that other subscriber may never know about the paid comments.


Do People come to know that my YouTube Comments are bought?

Instantviews guarantee our customer that our site is safe as well as reliable and so you can buy from us and sharing info with us will never risk your privacy.

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