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How to buy

Instagram Comments?

After learning the importance of Instagram for your business, the next step is to find the best service for adding more comments.

In such a case, Instantviews can do all the needful.

If you want to buy comments on Instagram, then you need to follow a three-step process as mentioned below:

  1. Enter Instagram username: First, you need to fill up your Instagram username, so that Instantviews can identify your account.
  2. Select the posts or videos: You should select a post or video on which you want to add more comments. You can select a single post at one time.
  3. Make the payment: The final step is to complete the payment. You can pay through Paypal, Debit card or credit card.

Why buy Instagram Comments

from Instantviews?

Path to stardom

Over Instagram, the competition remains tough. So, it becomes difficult to attract more people and get more comments on your posts of videos. In such a case, it is wise to buy Instagram comments instant. Also, you can get the packages in a different price range. If you’re hitting hard on your budget, then choose a pocket-friendly package. Though, consider it as an investment in your business. With Instantviews, you can avail an excellent service without any problem.

Real comments

If you want to secure a good reputation on Instagram, then you need to buy instant Instagram comments for your post. Moreover, Instagram is strict towards the spam comments and block or disable the account which performs any spam task. So, Instantviews is a perfect service which helps you to gain real comments. All these bots or fake comments won’t make you a star on Instagram.

Good reputation

If you’re a marketer, then there is a need to focus on consistency. Presently, there exist several brands in every niche so it becomes a tough job to maintain a good reputation. Most commonly, a brand’s reputation relies on the products or services provided by it. Also, the reviews or feedback provided by the customers is crucial for a particular brand. For this reason, many marketers buy cheap Instagram comments.

Wise strategy

The marketers are well-equipped with promotional strategies. So, it is also a good strategy to increase your comments which can help you attain global customers on Instagram.

Increase Earnings

If you’ve not come on Instagram to promote your business, then you’re missing the chance to double your earnings. Without any doubt, a social media promotion can always lead to a boost in your earnings ratio.

Become a star

This is a great way to enter the world of stardom. Promoting your business over Instagram can be a beneficial step for the new-comers. If you’re able to grab more customers attracted to your brand, then it can be a good strategy to expand your business.

Key Features

& Benefits.

Authentic service

We are 100% guaranteed service working to provide genuine comments. With several years of experience, Instantviews has built a professional team capable of performing excellently. No spam or fake comments are entertained by us. You can buy Instagram video comments with a safe payment mode.

Uncomplicated procedure

You don’t need to pass through any complicated procedure to buy a package. Within just the 3-step process, you can avail the service. You need to submit your Instagram username and verify it. After the verification, just select the package suitable to your budget and get on the payment gateway.


When wishing to get more comments on your Instagram posts, then choose Instantviews for a trouble-free process. With just 3 simple steps, you can increase your comments.

Diverse plans

In the packages or plans list, you can explore diversified options available for the customers. You can buy any package which suits your requirement and budget. Also, you’ll get to enjoy some added services from Instantviews.

Active users

We don’t entertain any comments from dead or fake accounts. There exist several services using a bot or other software to increase your comments. Most often, these comments are generated from the computer which is not real and counts under the spam activity on Instagram. If Instagram founds any spam act on your account, then it can either disable or block your account. With Instantviews, you can get to enjoy active users commenting on your posts or videos.

Confidential records

Your identity as a buyer remains confidential when taking help from Instantviews. Also, you won’t face any issues related to information leakage. The privacy policy is taken strictly by the team. Moreover, no other buyer or anyone else would get to know that you’ve availed the service from us. For more clarity, you can read the terms and conditions mentioned in the privacy policy.

Why you need Instagram comments?

Instagram is the largest social media network for posting photos or uploading videos to expand your business. Almost, millions of users have access to Instagram over the globe. It is a great platform for big brands to showcase their products or services all across the world. You can make money for your business just by promoting on Instagram. The customers usually comment on your post to know the price, delivery, and other options for your promoted products or services. With more positive comments on your posts or videos, there’s no doubt that you can attain good fame.

The big businessmen or brands choose Instagram to promote their business due to the following reasons:

  •  Billions of photos or videos get shared every hour.
  •  About millions of active users.

If you want to attract customers towards your brand, then buy real comments for your Instagram posts or videos. Now, the question arises- What is the need to increase your Instagram comments? Can it be a helpful strategy? Without any doubt, you can attain several benefits just with more comments. Viewers get attracted towards your post and check the comment box. When the comments are available in a good count, then viewers assume your account as a trustworthy option. As a marketer, you need to showcase your products or services magnificently. This can help you gain more customers. With the comments box, viewers get to check whether your brand is good or not.

Choose the best service for buying Instagram comments

If you want to get more comments credited on your Instagram posts, then you need to have a good profile. Though, beginners face difficulty in collecting more and more comments. If you’re a newcomer and wish to attain a good reputation in the market, then choosing Instantviews  can be a wise move. With more comments, viewers get to know that your post or appreciated by people using Instagram.

Buy Instagram Comments

Almost every marketer relies on this technique to buy Instagram comments for attaining more followers. On Instagram, thousands of active users use this technique to gain popularity. This helps Instagrammers focus their crucial time in creating more videos or checking them for improvements. This social media network is used by every person, whether businessman or brand, to showcase all the products sold by them. These big brands are spending huge money on adding more comments on the posts or videos. Do you want to know the reason behind all the big brands spending huge money on buying more comments? If so, then continue with the content.

Frequently asked Questions


When will the comments get credited to my account?

All the comments will come from real accounts which would require a few hours. So, wait for 6 hours to enjoy the comments. Once you’ve placed the order, the work will start and your comment box will start receiving more comments.


 Is it legal to buy Instagram comments?

Yes. With Instantviews, the team ensures that all the packages offered to the customers are made in full compliance with the rules and regulations of Instagram. In simple words, it means that when you buy a package for Instagram comments, you’re not breaking any rule.


Can I split the comments?

Yes. We provide custom comments which are not random. You can split a minimum of 5 comments per post. User can input the comments they need to see on the post.


Can I provide the Comments myself?

Yes! We provide only custom comments. Users can provide us the comments which they want to posted for their pictures or videos.

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